Classical Ballet Centre Informals November 2017 
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Briar Dance Academy - November Informals 
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H and C
Awesome Lola
Teddington Dance
Briar Dance Christmas shoot 
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Cake Smash
October shoot
One London October 2017
Laura Moss
Gem Joinery
Emma Houghton
Tamsin O'Luanaigh
Andria Parnell
Stephanie Ironside
Sarah Mallinson
Mandy Harash 
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Carly Bradburn
Louisa McGreig 
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Frogmore Dance Informals
Miss Young
Holly and Nancy
Surprise Party
Jacaranda Wings
KJ Theatre Arts showcase
Jacaranda Showcase
Funtime Dance
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Starlight - Let's Get Loud 
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Aldance Informals June 17
Believe, Dream, Achieve!
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Martins Heron Informal June
Jacaranda Ballet Informal 
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Rebekah Dance
Sunny Angel
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Holly Hannaway
Emma Hoseman 
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Corrine Guyett
KJ Theatre Arts - Informal Frogmore 
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Pennyhill Park Awards 2017
RDS Class shots 
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"Let's Dance" Showcase
Gremlin Dance Challenge - Dressing rooms 
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Groups and Prizewinners
Gremlin Dance Challenge - Secondary 
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Gremlin Dance Challenge - Junior 
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Gremlin Dance Challenge - Infant 
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Laura Henderson Informals 2 
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Laura Henderson Informals 1 
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Snow White 
What a fab show!! Here are all the pictures from the costume shoots, lots more than I printed. Also the pictures from the theatre,. Please note that the theatre picture won't be uploaded until Monday evening.
Teddington Dance Studio - Prizegiving
Jennifer Todd Show
Lafour - Pocahontas
Teddington Dance Studio - Showcase 2016
Magic at the Movies
Classical Gals
One London November 2016
One London October 2016
Clare Bennett
Katie Douglas
Classical Informal
KJ Theatre Arts 3
KJ Theatre Arts 2
KJ Theatre Arts 1
Collective Shoot RDS
Rebekah's Dance Informals
Woodley Dance Showcase 
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Enchanted Garden
LA Dance - One Night Only
Aldance -The Magical Toyshop
Funtime Dance and Drama June 2016 
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Caversham Dance Showcase 
Theatre pictures are now included in this folder. The white costume ballet soloist has more pictures at the end of the theatre collection,
Q Dance Academy
Encore Theatre Arts
Jennifer Todd - On Broadway 
These are all the pictures taken during the costume shoot. Only those printed for the show have been enhanced but be assured that any print ordered here will arrive fully cropped and enhanced. Thanks.
Costume Shoot models 
Thank you so much for being wonderful models. Miss Jo has the password, please select your pictures and let me know.
KJ Theatre Arts - Stepping Up